Giles Askam and Luke Hastilow

Giles Askam and Luke Hastilow

Giles Askham is an artist and curator who explores the social implications of technology and communications networks. He is interested in the possibilities that technology affords us to communicate, interact, and play with one another and its potential to aid a collaborative, creative process. He has developed artworks that aim to utilise people's playful interactions. Aquaplayne, for example, provides a space for socio-dramatic transaction; a surface as an interface. The user's relationship is that of a significant, active participant whose engagement with the work is physical and kinaesthetic.

Luke Hastilow has a background in electronics and software engineering, and his current research explores human-computer interfaces. Luke has been exploring the symbiosis of art and technology since childhood. From the exploration of synthesizers and circuit-bending at the age of 5, to the design of real-time embedded systems technology for robotics on TV, Luke's passion is centred on exploiting technology for artistic purpose.

Recently, Luke has been focusing his research on the Human-Computer Interface, exploring the development of transparent ubiquitous computing technology that will link seamlessly artists and their technology.

Askham and Hastilow met at the Digital Arts Media and Technology Action Group (DAMTAG) at London Metropolitan University.

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